Business Solutions

Domestic Business

Automobile Export Business

We are developing our export business by effectively utilizing the services and resources of our group companies, procuring vehicles from our own network, and utilizing our in-depth knowledge of the overseas mobility market and strong connections.

Export Agency Business

The procedures involved in exporting automobiles are extremely complicated and require extensive knowledge of regulations such as age and steering wheel regulations, customs clearance, and laws and regulations. For car dealers who want to export their inventory but have no experience, or who cannot take the plunge due to language barriers or time differences, we can expand their sales channels and profits by selling to overseas customers and exporting on their behalf.

Export Vehicle Sales Business

For automobile exporters and dealers who are considering exporting their vehicles. We wholesale used cars that match overseas demand to used car dealers.

Our strength lies in our wide selection of high-quality used vehicles produced by the leasing and rental car businesses of our group companies, as well as in our ability to purchase up-to-date vehicles through strong external connections and auctions.

Buying Cars Business

We are in the business of buying cars for dealers and individuals. We have a wealth of experience in the export business, and we purchase cars at export standard prices, so we can offer you a higher price compared to the domestic market.

For dealers, we can contribute to the reduction of land transportation costs to the auction site, listing fees, and documentation time by purchasing long-term inventory vehicles. For individuals, we do not visit your home or office to assess your vehicle, but rather present the final assessment value and pay the purchase price online.

Overseas Business

Car Sales Business

We will develop our own unique car sales system combining offline and online. We will improve convenience by developing stores that are a departure from the conventional sales method of laying out cars along the street, and we will welcome customers with a system that allows them to purchase safe and secure vehicles with full warranties and antibacterial treatment (scheduled for Year 2022).

Maintenance/Mechanic Training Business

Maintenance is essential for a safe and comfortable car life. In order to train local engineers who can accurately maintain automobiles, we provide technical guidance by local mechanics who have completed training at Group company dealers in Japan. We also arrange for the import and export of automobile parts that are difficult to purchase (scheduled for Year 2022).

Financing Business

In emerging countries, bank accounts are not sufficiently widespread, and it is difficult to obtain a car loan because of the difficulty in verifying credit. Based on the know-how we have cultivated so far, we will create a financial system that enables more people to purchase automobiles by lowering the hurdle to purchase while guaranteeing personal credit (scheduled for Year 2022)

Investment Business

We contribute to the creation of local employment and the expansion of local businesses through investments in companies and M&A projects in export destinations and emerging countries.