About Us

Company Name

PRIMASS Providing Regional and
International Mobility Advanced ServiceS

PRIMASS is the English pronunciation of the Latin word PRIMUS, which means first or head.
We changed the spelling of the U in primus to match the first letter of the word with our business.

Company Philosophy

Providing people with
an inspiring lifestyle and
accelerating economic development.

Primass Japan Co., Ltd. is now at a time when the automotive industry is undergoing a period of change. We hope to expand our innovative automotive business model and service in Japan to other parts of the world and provide people with an inspiring lifestyle through not only vehicle distribution but also community-based corporate activities. In addition to vehicle distribution, we hope to provide people with an inspiring lifestyle through community-based corporate activities. The company was founded with a strong desire to become an entity that is needed by society to solve various problems. We will spare no effort in our daily business efforts to make people’s lives richer and more meaningful by combining the product and culture of “automobiles” with the high quality of “Japanese Quality,” accelerate the development of the local economy, and create businesses that contribute to customers, society, and business partners. ”

Management Principles

  1. Challenge without being bound by preconceived thinking.
  2. Contribute to the development of local communities and create new products, services and employment.
  3. Pursue the happiness of employees and their families.

Company basic information

Company NamePRIMASS Japan Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeCEO Manabu Murawaki
Headquarter Address
Sumitomo Seimei Nihonbashi Tomizawacho Building 7F,
9-19, Tomizawa-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku
Tokyo 103-0006
TEL:03-6746-4985 /
FoundedMarch 12, 2021
Capital10,000,000 yen
Annual Financial dateEnd of March
Group consolidated sales
  • 2021 34.0 billion yen
  • 2020 30.4 billion yen
  • 2019 34.3 billion yen
  • 2018 21 billion yen
  • 2017 16.2 billion yen
  • 2016 15.5 billion yen
  • 2015 11 billion yen
  • 2014 7.5 billion yen
Business Content
Domestic business development
  • Export automobile business
  • Export agency business
  • Export vehicle sales business
  • Vehicle purchase business
Overseas business development
  • Car sales business (scheduled for Year 2022)
  • Maintenance and mechanic training business (scheduled for Year 2022)
  • Financing business (scheduled for Year 2022)
  • Investment business
Permission number
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission permission 301052117211


Group company introduction

The D&D Group has expanded its business to include car leasing, buying, selling and maintenance of automobiles. We provide all kinds of solutions related to automobiles.